caamfest short films program curator



chicken proof (2011)

Gangsters, gophers and godmothers - these unexpected charac- ters prove that when the cards are stacked against you, the effort of trying is never overrated. From campy plots of murder to mistaking cocaine bricks for pancake mix, these humorous shorts reflect on the absurdity of life and what it takes to succeed.


white elephant (2012)

Explore the profound relationship between giving and taking-and all of the joy, anger, acceptance and pain that come with it. From geriatric graffiti enthusiasts to a mine-filled road between Afghanistan and Pakistan, these stories depict how-with eyes, ears and arms open-we can be taken to places we never expected.


On bodies (2013)

We live through our bodies every day. Follow these shorts as they explore how flesh and bone can work as the instruments for justice, survival, memory, isolation, personal triumph, community and self-knowledge.